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Hi there! I'm Matthew Crossland and I'm a front-end web developer based in Toronto. My passion for coding started when I was 16 years old - I taught myself HTML by reading source files from other websites. After spending the past few years in a different creative industry, I decided I was ready for a new challenge. I hadn't forgotten my passion for the web that I felt when I was a teenager, which led me to become a Front End Developer.

As a developer, I'm passionate about creating thoughtfully responsive and fully accessible websites and applications. I'm most passionate about JavaScript and React because I love the many different possible solutions there are to a single problem.



React.js app

react.js / JavaScript / Firebase / Google Authentication

8-Bit Sushi is a fully responsive single page web application made with React.js and Firebase. A visually entertaining photo blog where you log Google authentication, post a photo, and comment on other peoples photos.

portfolio piece number 2, 8-Bit Sushi
portfolio piece number 4, LCBO

lcbo api wine app

API / GULP / CSS/ HTML5 / JavaScript

Using the LCBO API, I've created a web app that allows the user to filter through 200 wines based on Country of Origin, Price and Style. Please note, due to the limited amount of wines available through this api most search results will come back without any results. Therefor I implemented a "No Preference" option to broaden the search.

React app

React.js / JavaScript / Node.js / Gulp / HTML5

Ice-Cream Shoppe is a simple online shop, where you can manually add items to the store inventory, and add items from the store to your shopping cart.

portfolio piece number 2, Ice-cream Shoppe
portfolio piece number 4, Definity

psd conversion

Sass / HTML5 / jQuery / JavaScript

Definity is a fully responsive single page website from a single PSD template. Added a little jQuery and JavaScript to give it a little more liveliness.

Google Maps API App

API / JavaScript / jQuery / Github / Sass / Collaborative

Using CityBikes and Google Maps API, Angela Lagao, Amy Tschupruk and myself created an app to find the nearest BikeShare station to your current location and destination location. It even calculates the price of the trip.

portfolio piece number 2, Citybikes



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If you would like to get in touch regarding a position with your agency, or if you just want to leave me a friendly hello, I'd love to hear from you.