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I started coding websites as a hobby, at the age of 16, and for extra money on the side. I moved to Toronto and went to the International Academy of Design & Technology for Digital Media and Web Development. I became a hairdresser in my early 20's for nearly a decade where I developed a keen eye for design. I later decided to get back in to coding and enrolled for a Web Dev class at Hacker You, following that I took the Bootcamp.

I love coding, my passion is JavaScript - your only limitation in JavaScript is your own creativity, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for creative minds. When I'm not coding, you can find me at my computer playing whatever video games are currently on sale on Steam, reading Fantasy or Sci-Fi novels or Batman comics.



React.js app

react.js / JavaScript / Firebase / Google Authentication

8-Bit Sushi is a fully responsive single page web application made with React.js and Firebase. A visually entertaining photo blog where you log Google authentication, post a photo, and comment on other peoples photos.

portfolio piece number 2, 8-Bit Sushi
portfolio piece number 4, Up Dog

full-stack photo rating app

Node.js / Mongo.db / Heroku / JavaScript

Rate My Dog is a web application that uses MongoDB and Node.js to create our own server and API. It allows the user to submit a post, and up-vote other posts.

API app

JavaScript / Node.js / Gulp / HTML5 / Google Maps

Citi-bikes is an API app built to the client specifications. This app tells you where the closest bicycle station is to your location, how much the ride will cost and how long it will take you to get to your destination.

portfolio piece number 2, City Bikes App
portfolio piece number 4, Definity

psd conversion

Sass / HTML5 / jQuery / JavaScript

Definity is a fully responsive single page website from a single PSD template. Added a little jQuery and JavaScript to give it a little more liveliness.



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If you would like to get in touch regarding a position with your agency, or if you just want to leave me a friendly hello, I'd love to hear from you.